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Our Promises

If you should decide to join our practice:

  We will provide same day or next day access for acute illness, and schedule non-acute appointments at your convenience.
  We will let YOU decide how much of our time you require to discuss your problems and answer your questions, and encourage you to be realistic about this when scheduling your appointments.
  We will be available 24 hours a day, EVERY day to answer your phone inquiries.  We will make every effort to care for your primary medical needs through the doctor you have chosen, not some call service of strangers.
  We will personalize your care and involve you in every step of the decision making process, while treating you with respect.
  We will provide all appropriate services within the office's capacity without additional cost to you, including annual health maintenance, in-office phlebotomy services, minor surgery, EKG, and follow you through your hospital course, if appropriate.
  We are committed to having a positive and gracious staff who realize, as we do, that YOU are the core of our practice.
  Your medical records and other communications will be totally confidential.
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