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Our Fees

Annual fees based on age…...

in order to provide the type of personalized medical care described above, we have found it necessary to break with the tradition of billing your office care to insurance companies and allowing them to decide wether your care is covered.  Instead, we will charge an annual fee per person, which covers all services within our scope of services regardless of how many services each person utilizes in a month. In this way, we not only know our monthly revenue in advance, but we save a tremendous chunk of overhead traditionally lost in insurance billing and collections. As a result, we are able to offer this kind of extensive and personalized care for a very affordable fee.

Children (Ages 0 - 19):

$ 450.00 per person

Young Adults (Ages 20 - 34):

$ 600.00 per person

Adults (Ages 35 - 49):

$ 900.00 per person

Adults (Ages 50 - 64):

$ 1,200.00 per person

Adults (Ages 65 - 79):

$ 1,392.00 per person

Senior Adults (Ages 80 and older):

$ 1,800.00 per person


Payments are to be made on a semi-annual or annual basis and automated withdrawals from your bank checking account or credit card account are preferred. Our staff will happily work with you to establish the most convenient form of payment. If, at any time after six months, you should decide to terminate care with us, any remaining fee for that pre-paid period will be refunded on a prorated basis.

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