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Just how Family Doctors Care came to be…..  

About Us

Built on Relationships….

Primary care medicine is based on relationships.  Our patient supported practice offers a novel approach to primary care which strengthens this physician-patient relationship.  The idea is simple.  A dramatically smaller patient panel allows us to spend more time with patients and improve availability.  Wait times in our office were so drastically reduced that we replaced our waiting room with a kitchen so patients feel more at home.  Our patients pay a yearly retainer for this high quality care.  Thus our visits are unencumbered by the demands of the medical insurance industry.

To provide accessible, comprehensive, competent medical care in a compassionate environment - this is our promise to our patients.


    • Driving Directions

      Easy access from both Hwy 40 and Hwy 270. The building is located between Missouri Baptist and Mercy…

    • Office Hours

          Our office hours are designed to accommodate the varying needs of our patients.   Monday: 9:…

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