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What do patients have to say about Family Doctors Care?

A patient writes:
After being bounced around from doctor to doctor for months with hurried 10 minute visits, it is such a relief and pleasure to find a doctor who is able to spend the time to listen to my history and symptoms and to really determine what is wrong and how best to treat it.  This kind of care is essential if you are like me and have "normal" test results and doctors who don't have the time or inclination to do the detective work to help you get well again.  After many years of hurried visits because of insurance constraints, Dr. Fox has started a new kind of practice that does not use insurance for his visits (although I still use my insurance for lab work, tests, and specialists).  The monthly amount I pay is well worth the extra time an attention.  It is so nice to finally have a doctor who has the three things I am looking for, knowledge, compassion, AND enough time to help me. I cannot recommend him more highly!
A patient writes:
Dear Family Doctors Care, Inc.,

Thank you for providing such a valuable service.  Your staff was extremely helpful, and I am so happy with the outcome I received from Family Doctors Care, Inc..  I wish all doctors would treat their patients as professionally and respectfully as you do, and I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends.  Thanks again for your help.
A patient writes:
Dr. Fox and all the wonderful staff,

Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful, supportive and compassionate ways that you work with others.  I appreciate your efforts in filling out my FMLA papers, which have been approved.  But, I also thank God that I have been blessed to find your office and to feel that I am in the best of hands in all regards.  I dare not imagine where I would be without the support and care I receive from all of you.  I experience so much frustration and exasperation when dealing with many other providers or insurance companies.  Something is wrong when you feel like your insurance company or another health care provider is going to be the cause of your stroke because you have to call them countless times for the same issue.  Now, all of our rates are increasing exponentially and our benefits are decreasing immensely.  Yet, everyone at Family Doctor's Care gives endlessly, and you know how to take the stress out of "seeing the doctor".  When I was there last week, Dr. Fox was reading something about the software that your office uses and how it ranks.  I laugh, because they rank by sales, profits or some other financial aspect.  How do you rate?  You rate tops by the ways you treat others, by the endless numbers of lives that you have changed for the better (not just patients, but families and their friends and so on).  hey, what a concept, you win on quality over quantity.  As they say, "some people know the cost of everything, but the value of nothing".  Thanks for being priceless, such a valuable practice and a wonderful legacy.
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