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The history behind Family Doctors Care

I wanted to start a new practice with one simple objective in mind…to build a lasting relationship between my patients and me, enhancing the bond of trust.  I firmly believe this bond of trust is vitally important to exceptional health care.--Dr. Glennon J. Fox

Our Story:

Family Doctors Care was begun in January, 2004 by Dr. Fox with the core mission of building the lasting physician-patient relationships that are often lacking in today's medical care environment.

Building this kind of relationship takes time.  Over the past several years, outside forces have demanded more and more time of physicians, chipping away at the ability to build relationships, and therefore, trust.

Dr. Fox decided to take a new approach to his practice of medicine; one that restores the physician-patient relationship to its rightful place - the cornerstone upon which all other health care is built.

Under this new model, Dr. Fox has changed the way he is reimbursed for the high quality, personalized medical care he provides.  Our patients pay an annual fee to cover any medical care received in our office.  This fee covers all services provided within our office.

This practice format means that Dr. Fox has reduced the number of patients under his care, permitting more time for each individual visit.  This extra time gives Dr. Fox the opportunity to not only manage physical ailments, but also address health care concerns as they affect our patients in body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Fox created an office with no waiting room; our patients come in to a warm, inviting kitchen with fresh-baked bread and a refrigerator stocked with beverages for their convenience.  There is no traditional waiting room, because our patients typically don't have to wait for their care.  Our hope is that this atmosphere promotes the feeling that Family Doctors Care is the "medical home" of our patients.

In 2017, Family Doctors Care continues our mission to provide accessible, comprehensive, competent medical care in a compassionate environment - for the good health of our patients.

The Story of the Turtles

A number of years ago a patient brought us a gift from her travels in the Caribbean.  It is a beautiful glass plate on which are depicted several sea turtles in an ocean of blue stained glass.  Many other patients admired the artistry of the piece.  Somehow they felt we must have an affinity for turtles and little by little the office has been blessed over the years with the small kindnesses of many patients in the form of turtles.

In a sense these  terrapins symbolize our approach to patient care at Family Doctors Care; slow, steady and persistent over time.  As such, the turtle became the beloved mascot of Family Doctors Care.

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